Women’s Lib and Casual Dating

The phrase ‘Women’s Lib’ seems in some areas to be a bit of a polarising rallying cry. I’ve known both men and women treat it with suspicion, like some euphemism for a bad attitude or the cue for disruptive behaviour. At the same time, the minute I hear it mentioned in connection to dating and the opportunity to share a night under the covers it suddenly takes on a whole new and excitable aspect.

In short, the minute women began taking control and responsibility for the expression of their own sexuality we saw a transformation in how men and women talk about sex and relationships. It’s a journey that continues today and nowhere is it more open and appreciated than in the dating world. Healthier attitudes to sex are blossoming now that sex is no longer seen as something dirty and degrading. It’s one of the great joys of casual dating. Men and women are able to be open and honest about who they are and what they want, and as a result the scene has never been more vibrant.

Along with these more open attitudes has come a very honest appraisal of the health aspects of casual dating. As women have taken control of their own sex lives, they’ve demanded and got access to contraceptives and protection against sexually transmitted infections. By taking back the ownership of their own bodies and the responsibility for their health from men, women have been able to relax more into the recreational side of their sexuality.

At the same time, it’s not a free-for-all. While it’s perfectly possible to continue casually dating with a number of different partners, the best way to manage it is to be open and honest with them about everything along the way. Casual sex is a great ego boost for both men and women, and as long as you can continue to be honest and safe in how you go about it, you’re not causing problems for yourself, or indeed for anyone else, along the way. That truly is the best of both worlds.