Thinking of Dating Someone Younger?

You can’t help but to have noticed the term ‘cougar’ being bandied around over the last few years, with that powerful image of a predatory older woman hunting down younger guys. At heart it seems to be the same dynamic between a younger woman and a ‘sugar daddy’ – the search for wealth and power seems to put the emotional advantage firmly in the hands of the younger partner. This is probably why most people aim to only have a few years difference between them and their date.

Most people are put off the prospect by experiences of younger people not having the right level of emotional maturity, or even just the range of life experiences to match them. While there are plenty  of people our own age who are just as immature or inexperienced, there’s something about that when it is coupled with a younger physical age that makes it even less appealing.

And let’s not forget the most worrying thing, that you might meet their parents and find that they are the same age or younger than you are. That’s not going to do your self-esteem any good.

On the other hand though, perhaps that very innocence or naivety is part of the draw for you? A younger potential partner who is determined to persuade you can be a very healthy boost to the ego, especially if you have been feeling a little low about the quality of potential dates your own age.

In addition, a younger date is generally going to have a lot more energy than the people you’re used to dating. The impact of a bundle of energy on your life is going to be incredibly refreshing after years of dating people who want to slow down or who might need a bit of a nap from time to time.  Whether you’ll necessarily get the respect due to you as an elder is open to debate of course, but it’s nice when it happens.

Most importantly, a younger date is going to have much more varied and different hobbies and interests to you. You may find yourself introduced to new technology or sporting and social events that you never even knew existed. This push to keep up and learn new things stimulates your brain and engages your interest. Whether it’s an urge to uncover the features of a new gadget, or a drive to get more exercise so you can keep up, you’ll be reaping the benefits – and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have those new experiences to spur you along and meet new people down the road.