Flirty Tips for the Girls

So, you’ve been chatting away online, you’ve found someone you think might be alright, and have had a couple of conversations on the phone. You set up a date and you’re getting ready but suddenly your mind goes blank. How are you going to let him know you’re really into him without just flat-out grabbing him and dragging him to bed?

I’ve been on a few dates where all sense of confidence has completely flown the coop – hard to believe, I know. Fortunately I’ve got a few old stand-by tricks up my sleeve to fall back on so I thought I’d share them. Girls, consider this a quick boost for you – and guys, if your date starts doing these, then yes, she really is flirting with you – it’s not your imagination.

  • Wear big, dangling earrings – nothing draws attention to your neck like the motion of earrings. It’s a subtle and classy way to show off some skin.
  • Flirt before you get there – you’re probably already doing this, but a flirty text sent while you’re on your way to the date can help get you both in the mood.
  • Let him catch you looking at him – instead of looking away, try smiling instead to let him know you like what you see.
  • Tease him a bit – it sounds childish but a playful joke can really break the ice – even if it’s as simple as deliberately not hearing his name properly a couple of times at first.
  • Share gum or mints – it’s the world’s easiest icebreaker and helps to settle your nerves all at the same time.
  • Wear red – umpteen scientific surveys can’t be wrong, showing that guys are just naturally drawn to this colour. Look hot and feel hotter.
  • Spritz some perfume on the back of your neck and renew it occasionally during the evening – it makes all the difference when you get close if they get that scent.
  • Use your eyes – guys really do like it if you’re obvious about looking him up and down and it gives you a great excuse for long locked gazes into each other’s eyes.
  • Challenge him when he eyes you up though – it keeps them off-balance, and aren’t they just so cute when that happens?
  • Leave him wanting more – you don’t have to give it all away on that first date, and there’s nothing wrong with telling him you had a great night at the end of the evening and walking away. You can guarantee he’ll be back.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and as you get to know your date I’m sure you’ll find your tried and tested favourites to get a reaction. Use these flirty tips as a kick start for yourself until you’re able to relax enough to enjoy the evening. Once you’re enjoying yourself the rest will fall into place.

Good Luck!