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First date ideas

If you’re playing it safe, the classic approach to a first date is going to be a dinner and a movie. It’s the ideal way of hedging your bets against not quite hitting it off – while still keeping your options open if you do. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it as such – it’s a tried and tested approach that works for most people simply because it’s so familiar. The problem is that it doesn’t necessarily help you to stand out from the crowd.

The ideal first date, whether you’re a man or a woman, is one that gives you plenty of time for talking, but that also allows you to focus on something else. This allows you to ease out from under the pressure of needing to talk all the time. Some good alternative first date ideas are:

  • Going Bowling – a great casual date that can mix food and drink with friendly competition in a low-stress environment.
  • Visiting an Aquarium – a leisurely walk in subdued lighting, great both for watching the weird and wonderful sea life, and for people watching.
  • Going to the Theatre – a more up-market version of the dinner and movie option where you can both dress up for the occasion and enjoy chatting in the intermission.
  • Going to a Driving Range – an alternative daytime outdoors activity that can bring some playful competition while not being too strenuous.
  • Going Hiking – if you’re both outdoors types, combining some physical exercise with exploring the countryside can be a great combination, especially if you find somewhere doing food and drink halfway round.
  • Try Some New Cuisine – instead of going for something safe, try going somewhere to eat something that neither of you have tried before as an extra dash of excitement.
  • Go Ice Skating – it’s a great active date, and if neither of you can skate then it’s a great excuse to hold hands to help stay on your feet.
  • Play Tourist – it’s very easy to take your home town or city for granted. Check out your local tourism office for ideas of places and events in your area that may have you seeing the place quite differently.

Having a first date based around one of these activities will not only give you both a pleasant distraction but something to talk about other than yourself. If all goes well, who knows, it can also make for a great memory to share down the line with others.

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