Eight Tips For Improving Your Love Life

There’s no denying that we all think about sex and want more of it. It’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Sex feels good, increases our sense of self-worth and is good for our health. It boosts our immune systems and makes us happier. Years of surveys have showed us that while 83% of men and 59% of women report that they enjoy sex, pretty much every one wishes they were getting more of it, so how can we make what we have better and inspire us to have more? Here’s a short list of things to inspire you.

  1. Mutual masturbation – this is a great way to enhance your intimacy with your partner as you both learn what turns each other on.
  2. Look and feel sexy through exercise like running, yoga or swimming. The more exercise you have, the better blood flow you have which will increase your stamina and circulation. These are both vital for keeping your genitals in tip top condition.
  3. Roleplay and sex games – whether it’s pretending to be strangers in a bar, tying each other up or dressing up in costumes, playing games helps lessen your inhibitions and spice things up. Be as creative as you want as long as you’re both comfortable but remember that no still means no.
  4. Tone those pelvic muscles – this applies to both men and women, who can both benefit from kegel exercises. Not only do they help with urinary conditions but they strengthen your core muscles, enhancing orgasms and erections.
  5. Try different positions – break those routines with small changes or something brand new. Even if it doesn’t work out it might give you something to laugh about instead.
  6. Try toys and erotica – these are much easier to get hold of these days thanks to the internet and can not only boost your arousal and orgasms but inspire fantasies and open up conversations to talk about your desires.
  7. Try different places – you don’t have to range far and wide, just the variety of making love in the shower or against the kitchen counter can be a huge adrenaline boost that sparks your spontaneity and helps you become more intimate and relaxed with each other.
  8. Communicate and work on your self-esteem – being open with yourself and your partner about what you want builds sensitivity and responsiveness. Actively working on shutting down those negative thoughts and emotions will help you feel calmer and more relaxed in your own right.

The most important thing to remember is that time and again people report that the best way to improve and enhance your love lives over time is to keep talking and communicating. Surely that’s the easy part? Well keep at it then, in every sense of the word.