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Where dating costs the most

Searching for love has always required commitment – whether in time, patience or determination, but according to the Deutsche Bank, you’ll also need  to really commit your wallet if you’re dating in Australia. This is because we’ve been ranked as the most expensive country to go dating in anywhere in the world.

Based on the price of going on a fairly typical date – say a movie and a pizza, Australian cities manage to be the priciest around. By contrast, for lower-costing dates, you should be looking to Johannesburg, Mumbai and Delhi. Don’t believe us? Well in Melbourne you’ll be probably paying around seventeen dollars for the average cinema ticket, compared to the five dollars paid by Johannesburg movie buffs.

Perhaps you’re thinking of a romantic weekend getaway in Sydney? Well you might want to check the health of your wallet first because the city has maintained its top spot in the list of most expensive cities in the world, costing almost twice as much as an equivalent break in New York City.

Even the costs of our bars are far higher than in the US or Brazil, with our eight or nine dollars a pint looking rather overpriced compared to the six dollars or two and a half dollars respectively there.

We even pay about two thirds more for our fuel than the US, so heading out for a drive or just deciding to pick up your date and drop them back is pricier than anywhere.

The survey looked at a range of prices and indicators on products and services all round the world. Along with Japan, Australia came out as the most expensive developed countries, particularly in the western world, while the US seems to be the cheapest.

Of course, when it comes to choosing places to date, we’re resourceful people – and just because somewhere is expensive for dating, it doesn’t mean the overall cost of living has to match, and that’s just one more reason for dating to be so special – now you can prove you’re really making an effort for your partner.

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